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Sensing Earth

Cultural Quests Across a Heated Globe

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  • Verwacht: April 2023. U kunt deze titel voorbestellen in onze webshop.

Redactie: Philipp Dietachmair, Pascal Gielen, Georgia Nicolau

Bijdragen: Grégory Castéra, Cosmological Gardens, Philipp Dietachmair, Futurefarmers, Pascal Gielen, Marina Guzzo, INLAND, Meander Society, Georgia Nicolau, Luciane Ramos Silva, Noel B. Salazar, Joy Mariama Smith, Naine Terena de Jesus, Dea Vidović, André Wilkens, Ana Žuvela

Ontwerp: Metahaven

Serie: Antennae-Arts in Society Series

April 2023, Valiz in samenwerking met European Cultural Foundation | pb | c. 240 blz. | 21 x 13,5 cm (h x b) | Engels | ISBN 978-94-93246-24-9

Philipp Dietachmair is Head of Programmes at European Cultural Foundation; Pascal Gielen is Professor of Sociology at the University of Antwerp (BE); Georgia Nicolau is researcher and co-founder/director of non-profit civil-society organization Instituto Procomum in Santos (BR).

Sensing Earth states that our environmental issues are in the first place a matter of culture and aesthetics. Technology and science are not enough to solve these problems.

Our globe is facing an escalation of ecological problems, with no quick solutions in sight. We seem to be caught in a spiral of health issues, burnout, sensory overload, depression, and somatic deprivation. Artists faced with these crises are looking for ways to articulate the ongoing emergencies and explore possible ways out. However, the arts and culture are caught in a double bind. Artists and cultural initiatives need circulation to let ideas intersect and create meaningful connections. However, this globalized system also contributes to the planet’s ecological decline: by countless journeys from one biennale, international residency, touring exhibition and networking event to the next. After the Covid-19 pandemic ‘business as usual’ seems to prevail.

Sensing Earth includes essays, interviews, poetry, manifestos, choreographic prompts, speculative fiction, and case studies operating at the intersection of art and activism, culture and nature. All texts explore what sensorial foundations are necessary to address systemic failures, and what routes to take for keeping us moving on this planet, physically, emotionally and intellectually.